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College Life

Transformed and transformational leadership begins with an environment that addresses the head, the heart and the hands. LIFE Leadership College is outworked through four strands of development:

Teaching – develop your understanding and application through lectures, tutorials and workshops.

Practicum – benefit from one-on-one coaching with a staff supervisor in a specific ministry of LIFE or your home church (to be negotiated).

Chapel – immerse yourself in an environment of worship, prayer, prophecy and testimony, where you can experience and lead ministry moments.

Hands-on experience – learn the logistical and pastoral implications of outworking conferences, events and Sunday services.


Practicum is an opportunity to develop your project management, time management, communication and inter-personal skills in the context of real-life ministry. Students are coached in executing key tasks and projects within their assigned department, church or organisation and are encouraged to both step outside their comfort zone and develop their individual strengths.

  • Kids ministry

  • Youth ministry

  • Young adults ministry

  • Pastoral care

  • Worship

  • Creative ministry

  • Production (sound, lighting, video)

  • Communications and media

  • Operations

  • Conferences and events

  • Church projects

  • Community outreach and support

  • Human Resources and business systems support

Life in Auckland

Auckland is known as the City of Sails and is positioned between the Hauraki Gulf and Manukau Harbour. Beautifully green all year round and in close vicinity to scenic islands, plentiful beaches and mountain ranges, it is not surprising it is consistently voted as one of the world’s most liveable cities. With a population of approximately 1.5 million people, Auckland boasts a diverse range of ethnicities and cultures, as represented by LIFE’s multicultural community.

“Living and studying in Auckland is wonderful and College has enabled me to make the most of it. New Zealand holds a bountiful collection of beautiful places, friendly and diverse people and a wide variety of things to do.” 

– Josh Sitoh, Canadian student