Q. How much are fees?

A. Domestic: NZD 4,500*
International: NZD 10,700*
Course-related costs: NZD 200*

*Please note these fees are subject to change.


A. You may be eligible for Fees Free if you have not done any tertiary study before. You can check your eligibility here: https://www.feesfree.govt.nz/


Q. Are there scholarships available?

A. We do not currently offer scholarships.


Q. Is there part-time work available?

A. International students may be able to work part-time up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during scheduled holidays, depending on the conditions of their student visa. The minimum wage in New Zealand is currently $17.70 per hour before tax. You may be able to negotiate a higher wage with your employer, especially if you have previous experience in the industry you plan to work in.

In New Zealand workers have rights and are protected by law. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with your rights as a worker before signing any employment contracts. The following websites go into more details about your rights and obligations as a New Zealand worker:


Q. Is it an accredited course? Can I apply for a student visa?

A. Yes, our programmes are accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), meaning international students can apply for a visa.



Q. Can you do College part-time? Are there evening classes?

A. College is currently offered in full-time mode only, however you can check out the Night School classes available through LIFE.

Q. What are the College hours?

A. The programme is regarded as full time by the government – it is 4 full days (Sunday-Wednesday). This includes lectures, tutorials, groups, chapels, mid-week practicum and Sunday practicum. This allows students three days to work to support themselves if they wish. Although the timetable usually runs from Sunday to Wednesday, students are also required to serve at some events and conferences to further their leadership skills. Students will be given a calendar detailing these at the start of the semester and will be expected to organise their work commitments around these events.

Q. Can students do practicum at their home church?

A. Yes, subject to approval from the Academic and Student Dean.

Q. Am I able to do this course by correspondence?

A. LIFE Leadership College currently delivers its programmes face to face as we believe this is how students will be best supported in their leadership development.

Q. What pathways are there afterwards?

A. Many of our Level 5 graduates choose to further develop their leadership skills by enrolling in our Level 6 New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Christian Leadership). 

Upon completion of the Level 6 qualification, other providers may award you (or recognition of prior learning) towards a Level 7 degree in a relevant field. We do not guarantee that this will be the case and encourage all students to investigate further pathways.

Graduates from our programmes leave with skills that are transferable to any sphere of leadership.

Career pathways may include:

  • Leadership and management

  • Event planning and operations

  • Community and not-for-profit initiatives

  • Children and youth work

  • Volunteer management

  • Administration

Q. What subjects do you offer at Level 6?

A. We offer the following subjects at Level 6:

  • Biblical Interpretation

  • Christian Ethics

  • Ministry Leadership and Management

  • Biblical Interpretation

  • World Religions and the Christian Worldview

  • Internship A

  • Internship B

  • *Please note: this is the 2019 course list. Some topics may change next year.


Q. I’ve completed study in theology before. Can I enrol in Level 6?

A. A key component of our programme (Internship) is made up of practical hands on learning, this is equates to 50% of the course, therefore we enrol all students into our Level 5 programme.

Q. What is the application process?

  1. Email us for an application pack:

    • LLC Application Form. This tells us more about yourself and what you’re looking to get out of College. Please answer as completely and honestly as you can.

    • Pastoral Reference Form. Please ask your pastor to fill this out.

  2. Scan and email the completed application forms to us, along with:

    • Your high school transcript showing the credits you have achieved OR a transcript for any tertiary study you have done in the past; AND

    • A copy of the identification page in your passport OR a copy of your birth certificate.
      We will need to sight all of the original documents when you come in for an interview.

  3. We review your documentation and schedule an interview.

  4. If your interview is successful, we process your forms and provide you with an Offer of Place. This will include an invoice for your fees.

  5. You pay your fees. These will be paid into a Public Trust account in full and then paid to LLC in instalments. This is to protect your fees.

  6. Once we have received your fees, we provide you with a Confirmation of Offer of Place. If applicable, you can then apply for your student visa: https://www.govt.nz/immigration-and-visas/get-a-new-zealand-student-visa/applying-for-a-student-visa/